A project by artist Helen Storey, neuroscientist Professor Jim Coan and clinical psychologist Joanna Marie Chango


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“One intense experience”


“This is the only time I’ve ever had permission to stare into someone’s eyes. ….Eye & I so provocative. I love it.”  Visitors


“A privilege to meet people in this way.”  Actor


“Lovely, unsettling, fascinating.”  School student, London

___________________________________In 2005 the Helen Storey Foundation piloted Eye&I with several South London Schools and  in 2013 developed this for mass audiences in Manchester.  It had a lasting impact andc could  have bigger social impact.  The responses were complex and profound.our curiousity continues.


Eye&I is a unique performance-led, and scientifically inspired installation, exploring what it feels like to only communicate using real eye contact. In a specially designed public space,  where only real eyes are visible, trained actors use core emotions to engage with audiences - setting up a unique and universal meeting place devoid of language  and other external prompts. An opportunity for authenticengagement?

See original work and film here.


What happens when a rough sleeper and a banker make eye contact?

 Now a new stage of this work is being developed in partnership with  the Centre for Community and Urban Research, at Goldsmiths College London. We will collide polar ends of the  socio-economic scale, working with those in the banking and finance and homeless people. We will investigate if this has lasting impact - does it encourage  deeper human connection, communication, self-awareness and empathy?

Can Eye&I teach us how to communicate better with each other?  Are there lessons for HR and business training and does it help staff working with the public to connect with them more autentically?   What happens to the homeless person and the banker? Does a dialogue develop? Or do they just go their separate ways?


We are seeking partnership support from a range of partners who would like to work with us  – from the corporate, finance and charitable  sectors  and to help us to develop this work,  exploring  ways in which the project can be of direct social use.   Contact Caroline Coates for more details caroline@helenstoreyfoundation.org



“.. Storey and Coan hoped Eye&I would add fresh insights into the relationship between facial expressions and emotion…bringing something unique ..they have succeeded ”

New Scientist



Made possible in partnership with:
DED, HSF, 24:7 Theatre Festival, MSF, University of Salford, and ESRC Festival of Science

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View original film by Pinny Grylls. A new film showing Eye&I in Manchester as part of Manchester Science Festival will be launched soon.
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